Vol. 2 (2009)


Proceedings 2 (2009)

European Social Development, Social Dialogue, Solidarity, Migration, Cohesion.

Skaidrīte GŪTMANE: Foreword. (2009:5-9).

Research papers.

Skaidrīte GŪTMANE: Methodological Paradigm of Critative Social Work. (2009:31-41) Dace DOLACE: Social Caritative Work and the Issue of Patristic Anthropology. (2009:41-59) Pēteris KRĪGERS: Social Dialogue in Latvia. (2009:59-73) Ivars INDĀNS: Migration Policy of Latvia and Its Challenges. (2009:73-88) Andris PRIEDE: Migration Phenomena in Confrontation with the Historical Experience of Church of Latvia. (2009:88-106) Valters Dolacis, Dace Dolace: Labour Force Migration and Family Policy: Case of Latvia – Overview. (2009:106-130) Klaus Kießling: Hoping on Behalf of Hopeless Others: Depression and Suicidal Tendency as International Challenges. (2009:130-150) Andrejs Berdņikovs: Transnational Diasporas, Protests and Toleration in Modern Democratic Society. (2009:150-162) Jānis Nameisis Vējš. Toleration: Analysis of the Concept. (2009:162-173) William Bell. Dimensions of Tolerance: Defining Contemporary Attitudes and Practices. (2009:173-187) Olafs Brūvers. Migration Processes in the World: Social and Theological Aspects. (2009:187-200) Ilmārs Hiršs-Iršs. Escape from the World or Responsibility for the World. (2009:216)

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