Vol. 4 (2016)


Proceedings 4 (2016)

The Innovative Content of Caritative Social Work.

Skaidrīte GŪTMANE. The View on a Human Person – Patristic Anthropology as Precondition for Caritative Social Work. Foreword. (2016:6-11)

Research papers.

Klaus Kießling. Deacony – Presence in the Spirit of God’s Solidarity. (2016:12-21) Skaidrīte Gūtmane. Anthropological Crisis as the Demolisher of Welfare System in Democracy. (2016:21-29) Dace DOLACE. Caritative Social Work and the Issue of Patristic Anthropology. (2016:29-48) Dace DOLACE. Recovery of an Addictive Person and Problematics of Social Inclusion. (2016:48-80) Elvyra Acienė, Sonata Mačiulskytė. On the Discourse of Social Work Professionalization. (2016:80-96) Elvyra Acienė, Indre Dirgėlienė. Social Dialogue as Precondition for Social Work Professionalization in the Context of Non-Formal Education. (2016:96-106) Skaidrīte GŪTMANE. The Content of Pastoral Counselling as Precondition for Professionalization of Caritative Social Work. (2016:106-122) Guntis DIŠLERS. Three Traditions in Christian Approach to Social Issues in the Context of Church’s Social Teaching. (2016:123-135) Valters DOLACIS. Historical Constituting Characteristics of Caritative Social Work. (2016:135-144) Guntis DIŠLERS. The Long-Forgotten Relations Between Social Practice and Religion. (2016:144-160) Dace DOLACE. Supervision in Caritative Social Work. (2016:173-181) Indre Dirgėlienė. Contexts of Supervision in Social Work. (2016:181-194) Indre Dirgėlienė, Nijolė Petronėlė Večkienė. Supportive Collaboration in Social Work Organizations: Perspective of Supervision. (2016:194-207) Līga Āboltiņa. Reflective Activity in Supervision of Social Workers. (2016:207-221) Juris OSIS. Evaluation of Efficiency in Social Work Practice and Supervision: Empirical Approach. (2016:221-233) Lāsma DOBELE. The Legal Framework and Support Instruments for Social Entrepreneurship Development in Latvia. (2016:234-246) Valters DOLACIS, Ingrīda JASPERE. Recognition of Principles of Social Economy in the Activities of Community Initiatives in Latvia. (2016:246-265) Ņina LINDE, Veronika BIKSE. Criteria for Identification and Evaluation of Social Enterprise. (2016:265-282) Klaus Kießling. Catholic Deacons in a Culturally Plural World. A Plea for the Diaconal primate of a Missionary Church. (2016:283-301) Liesma OSE. Intercultural Dialogue and Its Pedagogical Potential. (2016:301-320) Elvyra Acienė, Emilia Żyłkiewicz-Płońska. The Need for Creating and Developing Intercultural Competences Among International Students. (2016:320-338) Skaidrīte Gūtmane. Essay on Anthropocentrism and Idolatry. (2016:338-341)

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