Vol. 3 (2012)


Proceedings 3 (2012)

Climate Symbols in Theology and Art.

Skaidrīte GŪTMANE. Foreword. (2012:35-9).

Research papers.

Guntis DIŠLERS: Three Whales on Whom the World Rests: God, Creation and Symbols. (2012:9-26)

Anda IKAUNIECE: Ecology of the Baltic Sea and the Possible Impact of Climate Fluctuations. (2012:26-42)

Voldemārs SPUŅĢIS: Insects in a Changing World: From Past to Future. (2012:42-48)

Lucas ANDRIANOS: Environmental Ethics: The Fuzzy Limiting Factors for Sustainable Development. (2012:48-63)

Bjørn Øyvind FJELD: A Christian Ecological Ethics with Special Reference to Human Stewardship of God’s Creation. (2012:63-82)

António Barbosa DA SILVA: The Biblical Foundation of Christian Ecological Ethics. (2012:82-102)

Rev. Fr. Christofóros SCHUFF, Hildegunn Marie Tønnessen SCHUFF: Climate Justice as a Spiritual Challenge in an Oil-Rich Country: The Case of Norway. (2012:102-119)

Dace DOLACE: Climate Change and Anthropological Change: Social Teaching of the Church on Ecology Issues. (2012:119-138)

Dalia KARATAJIENE, Jolita KUDINOVIENE, Vaidas MATONIS, Jurga SIDRABIENE: Metamorphosis of Religious and Visual Signs in the Context of Climate Change: Education prospects. (2012:138-154)

Valentīna LIEPA: Semantics of Nature in Sculptor Ojārs Feldbergs’ Art. (2012:154-164)

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